Louisiana Wildlife Federation joins Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation in support of a moratorium on new wastewater assimilation projects discharging into natural wetlands. LWF calls for greater independent monitoring to evaluate past and existing projects and broader analysis be provided to the public for costs and benefits that include impacts on the wetlands involved.  read the article »
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LWF is opposed to the introduction of a non-native species that could possibly be released in the wild where it can 1) endanger Louisiana’s native sturgeon species through hybridization and competition and 2) join the list of non-native, invasive species thriving in Louisiana’s wild natural habitat causing ecosystem imbalance and needing public funding for control or eradication methods. read the article »
On Tuesday (Sept. 19), CPRA was awarded $14.2 Million for the engineering and design of the Mississippi River Reintroduction into Maurepas Swamp project, a Master Plan priority project which will restore over 45,000 acres of cypress-tupelo swamp. read the article »
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