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Waterfowl & the BP Well Blowout

July 19, 2010 12:00 AM

In response to concerns from waterfowlers and other conservationists about the effects the BP oil well blowout may have on waterfowl and hunting regulations, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries has prepared a paper describing what actions may be necessary based various circumstances that may develop due to the presence of oil along the coast.  For the most part, neither the LDWF nor the US Fish & Wildlife Service expect alterations from the normal waterfowl hunting season.  Six public meetings are scheduled next week to address questions about the likely impact of the well blowout on waterfowl and hunting as well as hear comments about the upcoming waterfowl season which will be provisionally set by the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Commission at its next regular meeting on August 5th.  The dates, locations and times of the meetings are listed at the end of the LDWF assessment.

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