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State Coastal Master Plan Approved by CPRA, Moves to Legislature

March 25, 2012 7:00 PM

The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) voted unanimously on March 21 to approve the 2012 Integrated Ecosystem Restoration and Hurricane Protection Master Plan. LWF worked extensively with the planning branch of the CPRA to build support for the plan over the past two months by hosting meetings in Baton Rouge, Houma and Buras where the plan was presented and discussed with a host of recreational fishermen, hunters, charter captains and guides. 

The final version of the plan adopted by the CPRA included several changes suggested by LWF and other conservation organizations to the draft plan that was released January 12. The sentiment shared by most conservation organizations and coastal scientists and experts is that the 2012 master plan is the most ambitious and scientifically sound coastal restoration and hurricane protection plan ever crafted for Louisiana. With its approval by the CPRA, the plan now moves to the legislature for an up or down vote. This is a crucial final step in putting the plan into action. LWF members and supporters are urged to contact their state senators and representatives and encourage them to vote for the plan.

RESTORE Act Passes Senate, Waits for Yes Vote from the House

The RESTORE Act, a measure that will direct 80 percent of the CleanWater Act Penalties from the 2010 oil spill back to the Gulf States for ecosystem and economic restoration efforts, has passed the Senate as part of a larger transportation bill. By an overwhelming and bipartisan 74-22 vote, the Senate showed its support for coastal restoration and economic recovery for the Gulf. Now, it’s the House’s turn to do the same.

Indications are that passage of a similar transportation bill in the House have stalled because of partisanship and House leadership is considering passing the same transportation measure it passed last year. LWF will continue to work hard along with our partners at National Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Audubon and Environmental Defense Fund to urge the House to put aside its differences and pass a sound and thorough bill that contains the RESTORE Act.

LWF played an integral role in helping the RESTORE Act pass the Senate. Since August 2010, LWF staff and volunteers have travelled to Washington D.C. five times to meet with Congressmen and staff to push for passage of RESTORE and urge support for coastal restoration in Louisiana. Also, several meetings have been conducted with congressmen while in district during congressional recesses. LWF has also submitted several letters to state-wide newspapers and conducted numerous radio, TV and magazine interviews to promote the passage of RESTORE.

LWF urges its members and supporters to reach out to their congressmen and also ask friends and colleagues from out of state to contact their representatives as well and tell them to pass the RESTORE Act. This legislation is vital to the construction of desperately needed ecosystem restoration projects throughout Louisiana’s coast

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