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LWF Launches Billboard Ads to Educate on Coastal Restoration

September 16, 2013 6:00 AM

Starting September 16, LWF is running four advertisements on an electronic billboard in downtown New Orleans featuring the message that reconnecting the Mississippi River with its wetlands will build land. 

The ongoing loss of wetlands in coastal Louisiana is a crisis for our state and the most effective and efficient tool to restore sustainability to the River's surrounding wetlands is to restore the natural process that built this bountiful system.  There are several tools identified in Louisiana's Coastal Master Plan and large-scale sediment diversions play a crucial role. People who live in the New Orleans area have an undeniable interest in understanding the opportunities we have to build greater resiliency with the resources available. But everyone in Louisiana benefits from significant restoration projects planned for the coast.

For more information about LWF's work to restore coastal Louisiana and the Vanishing Paradise campaign to engage sportsmen and women in Louisiana and around the country to support coastal restoration, see LWF's Vanishing Paradise page.

The Restore the Mississippi River Delta Campaign has a  quick overview of the Key  Principles of Restoration

  • Reconnecting the River with its Delta
  • Managing and Using Sediment to Build Land
  • Use of the Old River Control Structure
  • Non-structural Flood Protection
  • Protecting Shorelines with Living Reefs
  • Protecting and Restoring Barrier Islands

Visit the State's website to learn more about Louisiana's 2012 Coastal Master Plan

A big thank you to LAMAR for creating such eye catching designs:

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