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Help Friends of the Atchafalaya purchase a kayak for Atchafalaya Swamp Base

February 15, 2015 12:30 PM

UPDATE (2/15/2015)

Friends of Atchafalaya raised enough money to donate 2 Atchafalayaks from KC Kayaks. Thanks for all who supported and forwarded the message!

UPDATE (2/6/2015)

Great news!

The Friends of the Atchafalaya have met their initial goal of purchasing one "Atchafalayak" for the Evangeline Area Council Boy Scouts SwampBase! However, you still have one week to make a donation for a second one. Excess funds will be given to the Atchafalaya SwampBase for their other needs. 

The largest donation (currently at $300) will recieve a signed copy of Brian Piazza's book "The Atchafalaya Basin: History and Ecology of an American Wetland".

If enough money is not raised for purchase of a second "Atchafalayak" or there are excesss funds, those funds will go to the Atchafalaya Swamp Base.

For details and to make a donation please visit


Friends of the Atchafalaya is encouraging all friends to help raise money to support the Atchafalaya Swamp Base. Here’s the deal. Te Friendhs of the Atchafalaya want to help the Evangeline Area Council Boy Scouts by buying at least one of the Atchafalaya Kayaks, the “Atchafalayak,” that the Scouts are using for their Swamp Base. Each kayak costs about $1,200. Friends of the Atchafalaya is offering to contribute $500 toward the cost of one kayak and you can help us raise the rest. We hope to reach our goal by February 14, 2015, before the Swamp Base opens for 2015 trekkers.

Indiegogo site:

Whether we reach the goal of the full purchase price of an Atchafalayak, we will donate the entire amount raised to the Evangeline Area Council to be used to support the Swamp Base. If we raise more money than the cost of a kayak we will give any additional funds raised to the Swamp Base. Lets see what we can do together.

If you want more information about the Swamp Base project go to Both Friends of the Atchafalaya and Evangeline Council are 501c3 organizations so your contribution will be tax deductible. We will send you the needed tax numbers with our thank you letter for your gift.

The donor making the largest single donation will be given a personally autographed copy of Bryan Piazza’s book “The Atchafalaya Basin: History and Ecology of an American Wetland”.

Friends of the Atchafalaya is an affiliate of the Louisiana Wildlife Federation and appreciates the support of the Federation in launching this campaign.

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