LWF supports a comprehensive, cooperative approach to controlling the feral hog population in Louisiana. We support killing as many feral hogs as possible to reduce or at least maintain the population, which Louisiana has not been able to do with current efforts by hunters, agencies and private landowners. If there are at least an estimated 500,000 feral hogs in the population, and we need to kill 60 – 75% each year just to stem the growth, but all current hunting and trapping measures killed about 32% in 2013, we are not winning the battle. Feral hogs destroy crops, destroy levees, carry disease that can be transmitted to humans and other animals, negatively impact habitat of other wildlife and game species, and reproduce at an astonishing rate. Read the statement on control methods and LWF resolution to learn more.    read the article »
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Your action is needed to keep coastal restoration moving forward! Please take a moment to let your legislators know of your continued support for implementation of Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan and show support for the Annual Plan as presented to be authorized in HCR 10, with no changes or amendments. In the same message you can let your legislators know you support protection of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Trust Fund as provided for in HB 148 and HB 490. Let them know you want to see funds from the penalties and fines of the oil spill spent toward restoring Louisiana’s coast and not on balancing the budget or paying for unrelated budget proposals. We must get this right for our coast's recovery and future sustainability. read the article »
Meet Michelle Maloney, LWF's new coastal outreach coordinator. She joined LWF with experience in science outreach and communication to anglers and boaters in California. She also has non-profit experience and a Master’s in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego. She recently relocated to Louisiana and is very excited about working on Louisiana's coastal issues. read the article »
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